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Discover the Benefits of Invisalign

Crooked teeth, crowding, and malocclusions are not uncommon. Though many people will have these issues corrected in childhood with metal braces, this is not always the case—and even among those patients who did have pediatric orthodontic treatment, there may be new issues that affect the health and appearance of the smile, requiring further treatment.

Unfortunately, a mouth full of metal is not appealing to many adults, so there is a significant number of patients not getting the care they need for fear of the pain and unattractive appearance of traditional braces. That’s where Invisalign comes in. With the dentists at Ferguson Dental Group, you can discover all of the benefits of Invisalign as well as whether this treatment is the best solution for your needs. Read on for some introductory information to help guide your consultation in our office.

How Do You Know That Invisalign is Right for You?

Almost anyone who would qualify for traditional braces can successfully undergo Invisalign treatment. Issues that require orthodontic care with braces or Invisalign include overbite, gaps between the teeth, narrow arch, crowding, overjet, and edge-to-edge bite. Using a series of custom-designed plastic aligners, Invisalign gently moves the teeth into healthier positions to eliminate the symptoms and unsightly appearance of malocclusions.

Why is Invisalign a Better Option Than Conventional Braces?

Though braces have improved substantially over the years, they are still associated with a less-than-ideal appearance as well as some difficulty maintaining good oral hygiene. Invisalign eliminates these concerns, because the aligners are easily removed for tasks like eating, flossing, and brushing your teeth.

  • Easy treatment – Using your aligners is easy, as long as you follow your dentist’s care instructions and wear them for about 22 hours per day. Treatment can take place with your general dentist, so you will not need to visit a specialist for adjustments and follow-up care.
  • Fewer side effects – People with braces tend to struggle to eat well due to pain from the brackets and wires, and they may have more trouble brushing and flossing. This can lead to issues with gum and tooth health, but these problems are much less prevalent with removable Invisalign aligners.
  • Exceptional aesthetics – Adults may be hesitant to get braces because they want to maintain a professional appearance. Invisalign is barely noticeable to the average observer, because the aligners fit snugly over the teeth and are completely clear. Plus, the teeth will noticeably improve in their position throughout treatment, so you may feel more confident in your smile before it is even fully corrected.

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